About MioGelato

Open since 2010, mio gelato is a locally owned and operated independent
business, employing local students to offer friendly and efficient service.

Whenever available, we use local fruit to give our specialty
sorbettos the wonderful depth of flavour that you have
grown to love. You've got it; we are all about local!

So... what's the difference? A quick tutorial:

  • Gelato is milk based, so less butterfat than ice cream. It also has
    less air, which makes the flavour really pop!
  • Sorbetto is water based, so packed with taste, also great for
    those who want to go dairy free.
  • Our popular frozen yogurt is the best tasting around because
    the two main ingredients are milk and yogurt.

We love our customers! Check out this love letter posted at darnkingston.ca.